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Computers computers everywhere, nor a bit left to compute. (Courtesy:The Rime Of the Ancient Mariner :-) ). Look in here, unlike the mariner , make no mistakes, make a safe voyage. Don't kill the bugs, tame them, don't just write code inside the editor, paint your code on the canvas of the world, and see the change u can bring about.

Read this FAQ, to see how computers have triggered a revolution.
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1.    What is computer engineering?

Since engineering is the application of the principles of basic science to the solving of problems within constraints (that is, building things!), computer engineering is engineering applied to computers and computer-based systems. In other words, computer engineers build computers such as PCs, workstations, and supercomputers.

2.    What set of skills do I need to be a computer engineer?

All scientists and engineers need a firm foundation in basic science and math. They also need to be able.....Read more

In this section, you will find programming language and other technology related Frequently asked questions. Bookmark this page for your ready reference.
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