Frequently asked Technical Questions
Questions and apprehensions that drive u mad all the time, simple yet pivotal corrections that don't appear before us or give us wrong symptoms. Ask us if u have never found an answer. The TEKTIPS FAQ is dedicated to give u an answer asap.
Computers computers everywhere, nor a bit left to compute. (Courtesy:The Rime Of the Ancient Mariner :-) ). Look in here, unlike the mariner , make no mistakes, make a safe voyage. Don't kill the bugs, tame them, don't just write code inside the editor, paint your code on the canvas of the world, and see the change u can bring about.

Read this FAQ, to see how computers have triggered a revolution......Read more

Einstein, Newton, Schrodinger, Maxwell .... all of these great minds have laid the foundation for the present day physical marvels we see and experience. Ask about anything , right from how our Cosmos originated to present day hi-fi physics. Unleash the doubtful kid in you. Grow with us. Happy Probing...:-).....Read more

Have you ever thought what does the "NON-IONIZING" radiation sign on the nearest telecom tower means?  Has the large Compact Disks and the tiny pen drives driven you curious? Well, its time you get informed. Post your questions as well as take a look at our article section for crazy questions and answers to them.
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The huge structures from the past and present has intrigued us equally. Right from the great waterways, the great railways, the complex underground sewage systems, the life giving drinking water supply systems to the most basic pavement paving and simple rain water harvesting, Civil Engineering has one of the most important part in our lives. Its a silent provider though. Ask yourself, how much do you know about it, and how much do you want to know. Let us grow in knowledge together.
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Gears, rack and pinion, pulleys, engines, heat exchangers, the list goes on, the complexity increases, read about it and decrease the complexity and get ahead.

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Look at it beyond the wayside transformers and the huge network of overhead lines. Read more, to know that its not just about theories and rules. It’s a much beautiful world, which is ELECTRIFIED ..LOL.. Enjoy..

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Read about communication engineering and the various aspects about it......Read more

Does the carbon fiber hungamma intrigue you? Have u thought about tiny bots performing operations inside our body, while we carry on our work?
Well, read about it all, and be informed.

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Read over details of the life saving gadgets we see around us including the humble yet inevitable pacemakeres, the dialising units and the ECGs. Why, what, how… all converge here for a complete comprehension.

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Light isn't just a phenomenon that helps you tell day and night apart, it’s a thing of beauty all by itself. The photonics FAQ is going to shed all the light possible on this huge impossible phenomenon......Read more

The elements and the molecules, hang out just like us. In those little meet ups, they create mashups called  reactions. Well, these mashups which are the basis of our entire existense, you might be interseted in reading what is all this fuss about chemistry......Read more

The queen of sciences isn't called so for no reason. The Mathematics FAQ,gives u insights to most commonly queried and pondered over questions about this old yet strong lady......Read more

Humans are made up of elements that when weighed and sold wouldn't amount that much, but the intricacies these elements and the molecules and organs built over it is mind blowing. Read through this FAQ to get enlightened about some basic queries we always had in mind.
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